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When you allow plaque to form on your teeth after eating and you don't brush it away, you will end up with tartar that needs to be removed by your dental hygienist.

As soon as your child's permanent teeth come in, make an appointment to have a sealant put on so we can help them have healthy teeth all their life.

Today there is very little reason to pull all your teeth and opt for dentures.

Gum disease can be very painful as infection sets in to your gums.

There are materials and technology used to create false teeth that make them look like all your other natural teeth.

Traditional metal braces move the top of your teeth or the crown first.

Going to the dentist does not need to be an unpleasant experience.

Dental pain when young is a reason many adults have a fear of the dentist. If you suffer from osteoporosis when you get older, that could cause the bone around your teeth to deteriorate.

When you have too many teeth in your mouth, one or more may need to be pulled to help the rest of the teeth have room to straighten. Crowded teeth tend to twist and turn as excess teeth come in.

Most adults who choose to straighten their teeth choose to use the Invisalign because people don't need to know they are wearing braces.

03/08/17 07:19:18 AM

When we take x-rays we will see the structures that support your teeth to know whether they are strong or in need of work.

03/06/17 10:20:38 PM

Starting good dental habits as a child is one of the best things you can do for the dental health of everyone in your family. Everything that happens in your mouth affects the rest of your body as well.

03/05/17 03:36:40 AM

Fastbraces are the latest in teeth straightening devices that give you a shorter time to wear braces.

03/03/17 11:02:51 AM

If someone had bad teeth and they were young, dentists would pull their teeth and give them false teeth instead of trying to fix the teeth that were bad. People taking selfies are happier if you don't see silver fillings all over when they smile.

03/01/17 06:31:07 PM

If tartar forms below the gum line, you'll need to have root planing done to remove it.

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